Is GOD Dead?

It has been expressed many times that “God is dead”. On the news in the 60’s, in words and in hearts throughout the land. It has also been said that “God left us” a long long time ago. ANOTHER QUIP from the intellectuals. Do you actually believe that old fairy tale? I could go on, but I will let you be, as you may be the one thinking these thoughts. If you really wanted to believe in unbelief though, you wouldn’t even think these thoughts. So many complain about inconsistencies in the Bible. “It’s too unbelievable for us, so it can’t be true” they say. Any excuse to exempt yourself from the search that God truly desires. The real question is, can I develop a relationship with this God person? Is that really possible?

My answer to that is an unequivocal YES!

First and foremost, God is not dead. You are. God did not go anywhere. You did. As for fairy tales. Who, in their right mind, chooses to live the life you live, when there is even a possibility, that this so called “fairy tale” might be real?

We humans, from the beginning of time, have exerted most of our energy, trying to prove (or disprove) the god theory. It is easier for us to search out spurious writings, artistic expressions (Idols), and artifacts of dead societies. The science of the world by the way, cannot reach into a world of Gods. It is not an Intellectual experience. It appears far more difficult than it actually is. You see, the problem is you. You are too lazy to read the “fairy tale” for yourself. Instead, you go to a gathering, let others do the reading for you, and they tell you what they think it means. Most never stop and thinks that perhaps, their interpretation might be in error, and because of this, error has been passed down over and over. Humans who were taught by others, teaching other humans. ETC. ETC.ETC.

God never intended us to be cookie cutter products of him or his Son. The intention, was to have a very personal relationship with every single one of us. God will teach us (Spirit of God) all that we need to learn about this relationship. You will immediately say “that’s impossible”. There are millions of humans. How does that work?

I say, your God (god) is too small. If you will, God will. ( Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.) Oh, by the way, the answer is Yes. God is alive and He will speak to you, if you will be still (get quiet enough) to listen. May the lover of my soul teach you, that you are the apple of his/her eye. Also, you will find that God is neither male or female.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/25/2021.

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