What The———–

There was a time not to long ago, when Men embraced responsibility with there life. Fathers taught them there would be times of making wrong choices , or making mistakes and that mostly it can’t be avoided. All this being said these same parents taught us that it was a mans responsibility to admit when we failed or made bad choices and to stand up like a man and embrace the cost of those actions. Many of these men did just that, some did not. If you met either of them on the street today it wouldn’t take long to tell which on chose to pay the price for error and which ran and lied and hid it any way they could.

The point of this thought is it use to be a majority of the people in our land who lived in this manner, and only a few who chose not to walk away. Today the rolls seem to be reversed most of us today are looking for a way out, a free handout, an easy way. Well the Leaders of this great nation got right on the band wagon and started making everything in life equal everything look free, every way acceptable and so did the religious leaders unfortunately for us as it was there watchful eye and caring hearts that called others attention to the errors of society , but no one is calling it out today and we are being taken down a road that can only destroy us just as it has in history to so many others.

It has been said “As goes the leaders so goes the Nation” Those who open the gates to the wolves will be the first eaten by the same.

I want my old life back, I will stand and take it on the chin, then clean up and go back to living the life that I was taught to cherish.

Will You?



~ by spiritualhypster on 09/21/2016.

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