Fallow ground

I find quite a few misconceptions in regards to the meaning of fallow when preachers try to relate it to the human soul. This is usually done from the scripture “break up your fallow ground”. Now I won’t go into the normal reference now but I am sure you can locate a message on-line.

Fallow ground, is the making ready the land without planting during the growing season. This is done to destroy weeds and  retain moisture giving the land a period of rest and restoration in order to be able to restore nutrients and health to the soil without which the soil would become useless.

There are times when people and even nations need to allow the ground of society or self to become fallow in order to allow for future use by other generations . We as individuals need this healing as well, somehow i think God takes care to ensure our health in these matters. There are times we find ourselves for one reason or another to continue on the normal path. We just don’t have the strength or the inclination to continue. REST!

Lets be aware of misused words and make sure we don’t just make things up to suit our own purposes.


~ by spiritualhypster on 05/20/2016.

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