Give us wisdom to know

As the Spiritual leadership go, so goes the nation. Just as these United states of America have lost the respect, trust and love of others in our country and the world around, so the church has lost the purpose direction and guidance necessary to bring us to a positive direction. We choose to look and behave like hollywood, entertaining and counseling our members with words that they want to hear.

But no one is listening or speaking what God has to say to us. Oh! granted there are plenty of words and hype. ( The Letter kills but the spirit brings life) You call it.

It isn’t a game it is life’s preparation for a world after this one. Are we really here to help or just go on with the same shit that the ones before us spoke about.

I cry to think that there is no heart after the heart of God. As David of old, or others not so long ago spent there every breathing life for one thing. To hear the spirit of God breathing life into the hearts of men. After all it is said it is these he sent his son to die for. All men should hope to hear this music at least once in their time ,here on our earth.

Instead we defend our position, never thinking for a minute that there might be something that they don’t know.

Oh! That Good would once again raise up the standard, and push back the enemies of our heart. For it is the heart over which the battle is over.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/30/2016.

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