Speak oh God and I will listen

Im my previous blog post I spoke of God not speaking .

I think I need to clarify what it was I meant by God speaking, or not speaking. When most people make a reference to Gods work or God speaking. The first move we take is a quote from the book. True this is Gods word to some, but to those outside the religious world it is the same rhetoric they hear from the people nocking on there door. Those who accost us on the street are pretty much the same. Then there is the TV preacher. yuck ! Come on, doesn’t anyone have something fresh and real that doesn’t sound like sickly sweet words that really have no real purpose.

Having said that I want to say this. God speaks living works to his servants, friends, and family. When his words are spoken by him, it is always creative to all who hear. The purpose of these words, is to reveal to whomever, a really wonderful relationship available to all who would seek.

Today we need true words deposited in the hearts of those who need to guide and care for his people.

I could go on but I hope you get it. Quotes from the bible don’t give life then kill. The book is for you to read and learn not for spouting your stuff.




~ by spiritualhypster on 01/28/2016.

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