These United States of America

America, what have we done to you?

Some time ago you stood for something that everyone on earth envied, some because they didn’t have a prayer of living like this and some because they wanted to destroy everything you stood for.

Do we remember what we once stood for?

We believed in things like respect for authority and we would always refer to the President of the United states as Mr. President or President (SMITH) and not because he was so perfect in all his ways, far from it. It was because we had respect for the highest office of the land. This is a reflection of our country, government and ourselves. So perhaps we have no self-respect.

Respect reaches every area of society, police, teachers, firemen, emergency responders, ministers and parents. If we look close at just this one thing, we will see that as a nation we have dropped the ball on keeping our society stable and able to forge ahead with reason instead of emotion.

When things changed for us we were so busy trying to stop a war that we forgot that there were politicians sneaking about passing laws which robed us of our power and lined the pockets of those we call public servants.

Look around; how many public SERVANTS do you know? We’ll post them on Facebook, so we can put them in office. LOL.

We don’t really have a say, because we are a society of people looked upon as less than ——! We are treated like mushrooms ( keep us in the dark and feed us manure ).

We need to take responsibility as American Citizens again. Pay attention to our Government officials, give them respect but demand that they actually are representing us and not the big paycheck or themselves. It is time we took a good look at what we are supposed to be doing and not becoming the next socialist state instead of just letting the government take care of everything. It’s that mindset that brought about the fall of many of societies in history and we won’t be the exception. Many times in history the most powerful nations in the world came crashing down.

We use to be a nation that others wanted to come to, because we offered a place where you could worship in any fashion you chose and no one was allowed to make you change. Mutual respect for each other’s beliefs whether we agreed or not doesn’t matter, since we were all equal in this FREEDOM.

WE have been remiss in allowing the news media to abuse freedom of the press. When they stopped being true reporters and became hollywood stars in their own right propagating what ever political or philosophic slant that they represented they became part of the problem. Truth in news is gone and today we allow them to produce hype and it’s just another political tool to slowly pry some part of the Constitution out of the lives of the citizens of these United States.

The truth is that it is unfortunate that we probably don’t even know the truth anymore due to the ever bombarding government media and philosophic leadership, but perhaps even more so our laziness. As citizens it is our place to be involved in correcting the errant ways of leadership and this is why a voting system was created. So, maybe we should get it back.

The governing body is elected not to rule us, but to represent us so our voices are heard and that our votes counts. We never anticipated that some slick way of juggling the numbers or loading the dice in the candidates favor would be the status quo. Our representatives should be paid for their service and be terminated when they don’t do their job. None of them are worth all the money they get, especially not having a set for life retirement and health plan. I don’t know about you, but I did not vote to give these guys all these benefits. There is a better way to run a government,  By the people, of the people and for the people. All the people not just the elected officials.

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~ by spiritualhypster on 01/21/2016.

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