It seems very odd to me how Americans, after only a short history as a nation have taken the path to use any means possible to prove the nonexistence of God. Since the beginning of time man both primitive and evolved, Have spent an extreme amount of energy seeking and imagining God, making God into all kinds of physical expressions. Ranging from the cow, dragon, the sun, or pretty much what ever there minds and hearts could conjure up. It would seem that based on todays actions of man, the more we evolve the less we need a god, much less want one. Quite a contrast I would say.

Today, it seems that we will use Science to prove every aspect of the bible that is possible, as well as imagined possibilities, in order to disprove any aspect of religion we can. It seems we have forgotten the enormous amount of geological and geographic discoveries have been made and proven to be exact,  come from the Bible. Man is using all his intellectual capabilities to prove or perhaps disprove God exists. Interesting enough though is that science has its idiosyncracies, and flaws causing at time calculations and changes in results.

Let us consider this for a moment. The concept of human rational be it, religious, scientific, or philosophic, proceed from a lesser illumination being that it is initiated and expressed purely by the human understanding. Based on just that, I would say most people will be satisfied. There is always that flaw that keeps showing up and requiring us to adjust the truth.

Our courts as well as our scholars and artists all want to proclaim truth as they see it. Again all from the evolved human understanding. “Illumination” Light?

There are many types of Illumination in our existence that we each recognize quite readily, natural light , night-light, imitation light and so on.

There is another Illumination which most of us know nothing about. That being for lack of proper ways to express it. “Spiritual, or Eternal light.(Illumination)

There is a place in writing where a certain teacher told many in the day, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one without spiritual light could possibly understand this. No one did. He also declared himself the Light of the world. Again no one understood then, and many don’t today.

There is a light and illumination, a communication. an experience, and Revelation, That can not be expressed in earthly terms, it can’t be understood by earthly scholars, judges, scientists or philosophers. For that matter by any human in existence .

This can only be given to each of us on a level that only God can give, and when (he, she, or?) does reveal something to us there will never be anything on earth to compare it to.

All that being said there isn’t anyone with enough light to even give an argument.

Perhaps this is why so many spoke in parables then and now. This light is a gift of life that God gives us but only a little at a time, lest we die from its intensity.

Are you satisfied with earthly explanations?

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/27/2015.

One Response to “Illumination”

  1. I try to interpret our friend’s teachings in this blog. Sometimes, such as this one, it is hard to get it to my level where I can understand the message. I understand most of this monologue since I am in AA and have been for 32 years. The spiritual light is something that I have experienced in the way of spiritual experiences that lift me to another spiritual plateau.


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