Relationship – Love ?

At first glance, I have to ask what do these two words have in common?

For one, they both require a choice.To have either you must choose to be in relationship, and love is about choice as well.

Many years ago while stationed onboard ship, I began a quest. That being to discover the all allusive definition of love. Not just the pat answers one gets from friends and acquaintances, or read in a book like Corinthians 13 in the bible. No I needed something not quite so ethereal. Though the definition of ethereal seems to catch a glimpse of what it feels like.

The quest mentioned above started in 1973, and it is still in the works. which brings me to the other word in the title. These two words are very closely related to each other, at least to me because I began the search for how to develop a relationship with a God. Who by the way seems to lean on this ethereal word just as comfortably as does the word love.

Today I am again confronted with the concept of Love in a relationship in my marriage. Most of the time now my conversations about this subject are with myself, though God seems to find a way of enlightening me as I go. I will answer the question that is obviously present here, Yes! I did discover that God only seems allusive, consequently over the many, many years of choosing my path, I discovered that I was in both Love and Relationship with God.

Let me say that I have been asked a number of times throughout my life, “Do you love me” but then closely behind that ” Are you in love with me”? For me these are both searching questions, for myself as well as the one asking. I suppose one could just say yes or no, and be on our way, but to me it just not that simple.

You see there has only been one relationship I’ve been in where I could actually say that I am in love with you. That being With God. So have suggested that I am in love with the idea of God. I find that to be ridiculous, for it is impossible for someone who has no relationship with God to expound on there intellectual not so educated philosophy, as god is not in either of them. What is my experience just is. It is mine and I can’t give it to anyone else because, as with all Love/Relationships, they are personal which is how it is suppose to be. The makes it precious and carefully protected deep within the seat of Love. There is a great deal more to be said about this but perhaps you can discover you own quest.

All of that being said, When we are concerned about our relationship. Consider how much time and effort was expended in developing the relationship with God, then ask your self if you have actually given yourself to the task of developing a relationship with your significant other.

Another thing that I became aware of, is that God had been loving me from the beginning, Sad to say that it me a number of years tumble to the reality that I loved God . Then a number of years after that to find myself, in love with God.

I will leave with this last thought. It is possible to discover God, fall in love with God, and learn to hear God when you are supposed to.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/06/2015.

One Response to “Relationship – Love ?”

  1. As you stated in your last sentence, I found God when I needed him, by stumbling upon Him. Thanks to people in my life and my stumbling around in the dark, I finally stumbled into the light where God could see me. That was the start and my life changed 180 degrees.


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