Spiritual beings.

I was recently asked if I thought that all Humans were spiritual beings. For some reason I snapped an answer back, NO!

Now some days later I am considering the question again. First it isn’t important what I think. Secondly I can speak for only myself, not for others.

I am not by nature a spiritual being, I need to first define this status. Which I believe I have done in my blog “Spiritual”. My quick answer was In my opinion correct. We are not all spiritual beings. I was not even aware of this concept for many years. I was only aware of one thing that being if I am going to have any inkling of how to communicate with or even be communicated to by God, I must first be in spirit, then in truth. Sorry I really don’t know how to tell you to do this. Remember I am talking about me here. I did not initiate my first contact with my life breather, but after that first connection, I understood that I was now able to “hear” ? “feel” ? Understand something? This was obviously not me, I am grateful for the new awareness though, even though I didn’t truly understand it.

So then are we spiritual beings? You decide! I don’t care what we call it as long as my love for my God never leaves me.

I think we would do well not to make God small enough so that we can understand him, but maybe try to expand in our inner person in order to make room for the God-given understanding  we can receive from him.

Mirror Mirror on the wall>

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/23/2015.

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