Why are you here?

I want to preface these words with a statement. ( We are only given this moment.) There is no promise we have the next moment, day week or Year. Only one moment at a time.

Now back to the title. I envision for this moment we are in  a meeting room discussing spiritual maters. What ever that means. Now I ask the question. Why are you here? The answers that I receive are as many and as varied as the number of people sitting in this room. Is there a correct answer? Not to me! For me though there is a correct answer, as there is with each one of us. I won’t suppose to know each answer,  but I will say this one thing. The answer will reveal to each of us what our motivation, hopes and desires are. Study these and you may find the answer to some of your own questions. Such as does God speak to us today? Why don’t I understand what this means? I am thwarted at every turn in my search for spiritual awareness,  Is there something I am doing wrong. Test the heart, know the spirit, let the Soul find its true place of rest. You shall be known by your fruit.

Oh! this test works in any environment.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/14/2014.

One Response to “Why are you here?”

  1. First time here and the first blog I’ve read. I’m trying to meditate (think to me) silently and increase the time I can be alone with myself. I’m not increasing very much. I can only sit by myself without any outside influences for about 2 minutes. Reading stuff like this helps me to be able to at least sit quietly and contemplate…

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