Le Cross

Question: Do you have a cross hanging from some part of you body? How about a Tatoo of a cross on you body some where. How many crosses do you have in your home or on your car, bike or boat ect. What does this symbolize for you? What does it mean.

Did it occurs to you that a cross is an implement of death. It was used for torture and execution throughout history which you can study for yourself. It is used today as a method of attaching steep and goats for the purpose of cooking in south America and other nations around the world.

I was during the Roman period considered one of the cruelest forms of torture and execution possible.

Now back to the Question. Is the cross a symbol you really want to hang on a building or your body. If so what are you saying to all who see?

Don’t get me wrong, Christ told his followers to pick up there own cross and follow him. What do you think he was saying? That this walk is a piece of cake with tons of benefits? I submit to you that this was an invitation to experience your own crucifixion. Pain suffering and death. Perhaps some of us were a little to quick to jump on the band wagon. This symbol is not an advertisement gimmick .

It is a path to death of your life.

With the hope of resurrection! When you think about the misuse of the cross by every religion associated with it and the people they have duped into believing there is some special nice experience, obviously haven’t actually looked at the process of Christ being nailed to the cross.

Think! for yourself and only follow the God who beckons you.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/05/2014.

One Response to “Le Cross”

  1. I think the empty tomb should be the symbol of Christianity, but I guess it doesn’t make as pretty a necklace… 🙂


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