Whatever do you mean?

It has been said that righteousness exalts a Nation. I say it also exalts a person. Not in there own eyes, but in the eyes of those who observe. Our nation was once considered a righteous nation, but someone didn’t read the rest. The way of the wicked shall perish in there way. Wickedness starts as a cancer and the process is identical. So it is with us in our walking in God.

Righteousness, simply means to be rightly related to each other and all things around us. If we could ever get there what a person we would be, or Nation.

Because one is the baddest on the block today doesn’t negate the fact that if unrighteousness is running rampant in the leadership that the consequences are nullified. WE will pay a price.

Being rightly related begins first with us and God. If the foundations of our faith are rooted in untruth and corruption then we don’t have a chance of finding the relationship we are looking for whether that is with another person, another nation, or with God.

It seems time for those who want to be rightly related, to search out all things whether the be of God or man. For God is truth!

Make sure our foundations will stand in the storms ahead.

Remember the Kingdom of God is not on this earth, but it is righteousness, peace, and Joy.

~ by spiritualhypster on 09/11/2014.

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