Results! sharing?

I doubt that most will accept my challenge posted in Sharing! just days ago, but in the slim possibility that you may have embarked on this path. I would suggest that you have possibly encountered some trouble, possibly leading you to one of two, or perhaps three outcomes. The first could be that you have found that it is almost impossible for you to articulate about your relationship without the use of religious vernacular. Which might have caused you to question whose relationship is this after all. Or perhaps you have come away with the realization that you don’t have a relationship to discuss at all.  Neither of these are horrible discoveries in their selves, as long as it spurs us to action. Then there is the outside chance that you came away with the greatest love story off all, and if anyone was listening were either mesmerized and enthralled or couldn’t find a way to shut you up. If you among the last then your my heart. Just as you are Gods Heart. What you have is THE TREASURE of All TREASURES. AS the hart pants after the water brook so does my heart pant after you my God.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/07/2014.

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