The Relativity of Truth

We have heard it said, that truth is relative. This idea first began circulating in college philosophy class discussions. It became one of the great iconoclastic statements of the time. The arguments were first presented in terms which cast doubt upon the New Testament statement, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” This is typical of intellectual  reasoning in that it has a tendency to see no more that one dimension in life. The premise of relativity in the single dimension sense is correct. Truth is relative. We’ve heard this before. It all boils down to this: truth is how we each perceive it. However there are other dimensions in life that we need to take into account. One of these dimensions is that of which those with heightened spiritual senses are very aware. In the spiritual world, truth is a constant. It is very much the same as the truth/law of gravity. It is a fact that the law of gravity is immutable. We can defy it for a moment, but ultimately, what goes up must eventually come down, as seen in the fact that our satellites eventually returning to earth. We can juggle words in any fashion that we like, the meaning will eventually correct itself, because truth will always be truth. It is a marvelous thing, our mind, and we should use it to decipher truth always, with understanding, and not with dogma. After all, truth is always relatively relevant, when spoken from the heart.

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One Response to “The Relativity of Truth”

  1. Truth is not relative, but it is multi-facted, and doesn’t always result in one right answer per question. While truth is not relative, it is not linear, either…


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