I read a post recently, a family member was writing about how failure seemed to be his lot in life. Well he is only eighteen years old so we know that will change and something new will take its place.

I would like to address the concept of failure, which most commonly is described as falling short of accomplishing a goal.

It is in my experience, something quite different, though it feels much the same at first thought. I have discovered however that failure is actually a disguise, cleverly placed in such a way to give us a choice. We can either go on to something new, or we can step up and find that is actually a rung in a ladder which will lead us to a new plane of life and experience. Truth be told if I go on to something new I will come full circle and find failure once again hiding in the path to success.

Perception is very important in our walk, we usually need to slow down and carefully consider my plight, it is there I will learn to embrace what ever comes my way with open arms there by gaining new levels of experience and understanding.

This said I say now there are no failures, Only opportunities in life so chin up we will discover soon what new thing is in store for us.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/29/2014.

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