Were you there?

I wrestled with the darkness through the night and found that in the daylight the darkness did not flee.

I wondered on the fact that this enemy held so tightly onto me.

I can not tell the face, but the pain I remember well.

Were you there?

Did you here my aching heart?

Did you feel my retching  soul?

When in anguish I reached out for help.

Were you there?

Can anyone hear the agony so deep that no sound seems to appear?

Can you help the torment that’s never far, only very near?

Help, my mind says as I wrestle through the days.

I wonder, while in the night, will I meet the end of days.

Were you there?

What is that sound I hear?

It is so far away, yet it is so near.

A sound that human ears can not discern.

Yet someone did hear it and did not spurn the call, and reached

inside my heart and caused me to understand it all.

Were you There?

Yes, I was!

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/16/2013.

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