Getting what you want in life is not always a good thing. In our society there seems now to be an obsession for achieving that particular goal or status we want. There are some questions we must ask ourselves, is this my desire or my parents? If I use my determination to get what I’m after will it be what I thought it would be.

Often times I have made a determined effort in life to get something in life, only to find that when I obtained it all the luster was gone. Was it the thing that shined for me or was it the quest? If I get something and it runs my life for me I may be sorely disappointed and then my achievement will be my prison.

We must find a way to set goals for our life that bring us pleasure and fulfillment, but then perhaps turn out to be just a stepping stone for the next goal. In so doing our lives are one continual stream of growth and fulfillment giving us something in our old age we can in turn give back to the younger generation who are just looking to begin there lives.

Society will put everything there is into compartments they can and in so doing box up all there is in living. Learn to hear your heart, the heart of those you love and the heart of a God. Not hearing the words only but the heart. It isn’t what we say that speaks the from what is in the heart it is what we don’t say, and how we live.

~ by spiritualhypster on 01/12/2013.

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