Now there’s a word that is used, abused, and distorted for the benefit of the user. Probably because of another word that you almost never hear let alone say. Profane, we don’t like this word much because it is the contrasting word so often used in conjunction with Holy. Is it possible that there is a reason that this is in scripture?

Walking through life I have witnessed a not so subtle change in the lives of the believers. There seems to be this idea that to commercialize religion is the way to make it both profitable and acceptable to all who participate. We have people making big showy prayers in public.  Are these believers?  There are people going around blessing Jesus and praising God, etc. They are marketing everything from the pulpit. They market ] on shirts, cars and buildings. All this in the name of doing God’s work or giving God the glory.

I seem to recall a conversation in the scriptures about praying in the temple. One man was beating his chest, standing aside in a corner of the temple saying forgive me lord for I am a sinner. Another well dressed man standing in the center of the temple with his hands raised  towards heaven was making a loud flowery prayer. Then came the question, which man’s prayer was heard by God? The answer was, the man with the loud flowery prayer was meant to impress people and this man already has his reward. On the other hand God heard the other man even though those around him despised him.

God said, make a separation between the holy and the profane. Perhaps we have done just the opposite.

How does one profane the holy? Know this, anything that God Gives us is precious and not common. We must never make anything of the holy common, because it is not and God will remove himself from it because God is Holy.

Unfortunately that leaves us alone with the common.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/27/2012.

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