Have you ever wondered about living and trusting even standing on the promises of God, only to discover that it doesn’t work? Lets take a Quote form a recent post also in the Bible Psalms 124, “He that keepeth Israel will neither slumber or sleep”. At face value this is a wonderful promise, but what does keepeth mean? If we look at the historic view of Israel we come away with the question, what does God mean by keepeth? It sure doesn’t look like they have been kept very well from the outside looking in to me. However when I ask this question particularly in my own personal life before God I am many times confused about promises given but apparently not kept. Or are they? God Made a promise to Israel the man and to his descendants, as well He made promises to me and my descendents. Not a nation. The reality that God has no Grandchildren hit me then and I began to understand that these promises were for me, and my children could be included if they would choose to follow God. There is also interpretation, what I heard God say and what he meant are almost invariably different. I must always remember the He is God not me. Don’t mistake me I know God makes promises to nations, but again they are subject to Gods interpretation not mine, or yours. Be confident of this one thing, when God promises something it will be!


~ by spiritualhypster on 11/20/2012.

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