While we are in the fray of political jousting, I wonder what is the next government ruse that will screen the true activities of very devious and controlling parties. We are made to think that it really makes a difference who is President, when in fact he is just another pretty face, so to speak. A frontman who is desperately trying to rescue the office that so many others have tried to fix with their bright ideas. Does it matter who wins an election? I don’t believe it does, but it does take our eyes off those who are making laws we have to live with so they can make the new lifestyle that they have a vision for. It mostly consists of people trying to pave the way to their political success either positional or financial or both. It would be very interesting to be able to expose all the crap behind the curtain on the political stage. Some how though the world watches this race and based on what happens, they adjust their financial and governmental decisions. Is the human race so blind that all this smoke screen does is cover their mind as well. We have become the product of an elaborate theatrical production which has captured the entire world with crap. So things have not actually changed that much, have they, in half a century? The Only thing is the sophisticated way in which we are manipulated,(controlled) through out our daily lives. Necessity? Maybe, only time will evidence the picture of tomorrow’s performance.

Do we need a new Government? I think that we just need some honest, honorable and serving leaders (look up the term public servant). It is supposed to be we the people’s Government, you know for the people and by the people. What went wrong?

That being said, I still say keep the church business in the church and the government business in the government. As once stated, render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. To the Church, if you get involved in politics then you need to change jobs and pay taxes. To the Politicians, if you want to involve the Church you’re in the wrong business all the charlatans are working with the church. This is why we are supposed to have a separation between Church and State.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/04/2012.

One Response to “Theater”

  1. I agree, the election is pretty much a theatrical production put on for the masses to give us a sense a false hope. We gasp, applaud, groan and cheer, but when the curtain closes nothing has really changed…


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