I found myself staring off into the world today, and wondering what will I become next. It is almost like many years ago when I was asked by my grandmother, what will you be when you grow up. The only difference is then I was five, and now I am sixty-five. One would think that after all that time I would have found some direction for my life. Well I offer no explanation for this it’s just relating what goes on in this mans heart, it’s just a shame that there are so many things I want to be that my body can’t do anymore.

I recall as a young boy sitting in the woods overlooking the valley below our home, feeling very at peace but very alone, it is still that way though I don’t have the woods with a hill any more, well maybe inside.

I was always longing for the next great thing in my life to hurry up and get here you know like when your were a teen and sixteen was just dragging out the time before it arrived, and fishing season took forever to get here as did fourth of July camping on the ocean beaches with the family and friends.

It’s still the same as well longing to get started driving around the country with my Deb, in the motor home seeing all the sights,experiencing all the fishing spots, and just being in a state of wonderment at all that the earth has to show us. Seeing friends and family across the land knowing that it may very well be the last time that it will happen.

Life is like that I guess, but maybe it’s just suppose to be, just that simple!

One must not make haste lest some part of life he might waste.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/25/2012.

One Response to “Feeling”

  1. I know what you mean about not being settled so late in life. I spent so many years believing in things that in many ways led me away from the path I was meant to follow. But I expect we’re not the first or the last to wake up late, look back and ask, “What was that all about?” There is still today, it’s all we got, so let’s just go for it and see where it takes us. 🙂


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