Heaven on earth?

I’ve noticed over the last decade there has been an ever-increasing tendency for the religious folk, to want to have a nation brought into line by legislating morality. The newly forming tea party, the religious right-wing of politics and the general vocal ministers, declaring what they believe the government should do. This is all a bit unnerving to me, because through our history we have had examples of what happens when the religious cross in to the political lines of responsibility.

Lets avoid the obvious, The Taliban evidence. Go straight to the time in history when the Catholic church had sway over their kings and created hell on earth for everyone through their many exploits. There was the witch hunts, the confession’s forced on innocents, countries dominated, and religion forced down the throat of every native of every country they came in contact with. All in the name of God. Building God’s kingdom on earth. It’s a fabulous idea, but when men run it all, it becomes perverse and overshadows truth with personal agenda.

The Christ said to Pilot, my kingdom is not of this world. Maybe someone forgot to read that part.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/13/2012.

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