The Unforgiven

The words are, ask and it shall be forgiven you. Is this true? When it comes to humanity it is temporal, in that you ask and it is forgiven until so moment causes us hurt or anger or some such emotion, then we remember all that we ever forgave and us it as a tool to fight with. This is obviously not what true forgiveness is. We are never truly forgiven in the heart of man or woman, we are unforgiven for life. Thus it behoves to consider carefully our thoughts, our actions, and our words. Words especially because once let out of our mouth there is no gathering them back. They become sort of, a creator all on their own, shaping or mis shaping the intent every time. I find that perhaps the hardest part of living is forgiving myself, second only to forgiving others in truth. In truth means to forgive so perfectly that you forget it ever occurred in the first place.

This is Gods forgiveness, if your unforgiven in Gods eyes, it’s because you haven’t asked, and you haven’t believed that anyone could forgive you that way. Well God does forgive and forget, never be afraid to ask for forgiveness.

When we ask for forgiveness for something we have done that harmed of offended someone, it is our part to ask for forgiveness. It is their part to deal with it from there.

Unforgiveness is a hard taskmaster, It will always carry us down to the depths of darkness. It is a door that blocks the way to relationships both earthly and most importantly heavenly. We must for our own sakes find a way to both give and receive, true forgiveness,

This is why the cross was necessary.



~ by spiritualhypster on 10/03/2012.

2 Responses to “The Unforgiven”

  1. Thank you for your experience. It lends credibility to my own.


  2. Forgiveness is one of the toughest spiritual practices there is. It is a process (sometimes a long one) and not an instant isolated act that suddenly makes everything all better. And while we are in the process, I believe God counts that as forgiveness, even though we are not there yet.


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