Chaotic soul

This is the blog site theme I chose for this site. There is something to look at in the title, in fact many souls are chaotic and at times each of ours as well. There is something in the human condition which naturally lends it’s self to this. No matter how hard we strive to bring all things into control we somehow are still in one level of chaos or another. Why is that? I don’t truly know but, I think it might just be because we are the ones trying to control things and truth be told we aren’t up to the task. We prove this every day in our struggles with our environment our lives and our dreams. Every time we make a plan someone else’s plan seems to take president over ours. It probably because we want life to be peaceful so we just go with the flow then we examine it and we’re upset at ourselves for being so easy to control. We are the ones that don’t take care of ourselves consequently we try to put the blame elsewhere well bud, the buck stops here. I am guilty of being easy me, always trying to please everyone and smooth everything over. It doesn’t work and in the end I get the crap for it . At any rate the chaotic soul is still here, but there are those times when I am in tune with the creator, that I understand who is in charge. Then and only then does the soul become peaceful and without any chaos at all.

~ by spiritualhypster on 08/24/2012.

One Response to “Chaotic soul”

  1. I know what you mean. I too am always trying to please everyone else and neglecting my own needs. I was taught that was noble, but there comes a point where people don’t appreciate it and take it for granted. I read on another blog this week, “You can’t give anything to others you haven’t first given to yourself”. It’s 180 out from the way I learned, but I’m finding out every day that it’s true.


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