Where do I look?

In consideration about religion, which one is right? A question I am sure we all have asked at one time or another. There are so many choices after all, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and so on. Well the truth is really quite simple, neither, and all. It is truly not about a system of beliefs or a form of behavior or the agreement to a creed, not in the least. Actually none of that matters, what does matter is the quality of relationship we have with the person of God.There is only one person that can make a true difference in the relationship we have with God and that is us , I alone make all the choices, decisions and do all the work necessary for my part in the relationship, God on the other hand has already made provision for his side, and is more than ready to respond to us if we make the effort.

Bottom line is this is about you, God is waiting.

~ by spiritualhypster on 08/13/2012.

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