As I contemplate my life’s paths, I am confronted with the reality that at least one part of me is a deep seat for rebellion. I watch my children and my grandchildren and I must accept the responsibility for the part of them that pushes the envelope in the rebel department. Worst is that it won’t have a stopping point for two more generations. When as a young man I read Gods words saying that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children even to the fourth generation, I had no idea the magnitude of this, today I know and now I wish I had been more aware.

This statement to many is fairy tale stuff, for them I am sorry. If we look at society today we have evidence of generational inheritance of sin (for lack of a better word), the truth is that this will continue for many generations unless at Gods appointed time there is found repentance (meaning to turn around) there is only consequences to be reaped for all this.

In the end there is a place of healing, but we must ask for God to turn us around. It will never happen by a new Government, or some legislation passed by law makers. Righteousness (right thinking) can’t be legislated. If the heart doesn’t get it there will be no healing, and we as adults can do nothing but petition God.

Let the Games begin?

~ by spiritualhypster on 08/02/2012.

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