In the trek along the path to the spiritual world there is a myriad of things to believe in. Not to mention how easily we can be absorbed by any one of them.  As we walk the path we seems to add clutter to our thoughts which bombard us with an agenda belonging to someone else. I search out everything it seems and spend countless hours trying to discover all the little faucets in the proverbial crystal ball. Only to finally reach the conclusion that about the things which I believe, I truly know nothing. In the end I think we shall find that as I, I have no belief’s, but faith has in fact lead me to a place where there is knowledge, though limited it is a true possession which can not be taken from me. That being the very nature of God is in truth the only aspect of the walk that never changes, it is in fact the one thing I can depend on. So to believe nothing but to know God even in the smallest amount is the greatest treasure one can be in possession of.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/26/2012.

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