I am not political R U?

It seems to me, that the very foundation of our politicians way of thinking is quite reversed from what we, the people’s thought processes are. If you listen to them speaking for instance, about money, they are always talking about our money, not there’s, and how they can get our expendable cash. As if they actually have the right to it. Is is me that’s missing something or shouldn’t they be working a way out to use what they have been given appropriately, to keep our cities, states, and country, in good financial order. Aren’t they supposed to represent us? Or is their job to fleece the people in a manner consistent to Kings and dictators of a time before.

Lets set it straight, it has never been their money and it never will be, it’s ours. Stop calling it your right to get into our expendable cash, our inheritance and anything else that is ours. Your job is to be good stewards of what we give you the responsibility for and nothing else. If we the people were given back the right to vote on these issues as it once was, we wouldn’t mind giving you a little when needed. but not without a say, and certainly not like it’s your right. As long as our politicians keep trying to play God we have issue with you. You are a PUBLIC SERVANT so how about trying to serve and not rule.

The truth is it’s really none of you business how much money we have, it never has been. So! Keep you damn hands off and start asking when it’s all right to do shit. Don’t just assume, or take a poll and feel you have the right to do anything without our permission. It’s not a governments job to decide for us, its about us have the right to vote for what we want. Give it back to us.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/15/2012.

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