R U Hiding?

The nation of the United States is in the clutch of excesses and excuses. We have developed, or is that invented new diseases in order to develop new medical professions including  physical, psychological and sociological illnesses. It’s just like making new laws in order to establish a new field of endeavor. It’s just another way to fulfill promises after getting elected. Even creating new drugs that turn out to be no medication at all so the drug companies that can get their kick back. Of course, we the people put our heads in the proverbial sand and allow the schools and society to teach our children that this is normal. Go watch TV or play video games or anything to entertain yourself. After all, you don’t want to learn how to take responsibility for your actions. I may have to do the same. One of the greatest illnesses of todays society is escapism. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against entertainment, just the use of it to dull the senses.This is the very disease that took down Rome in the history books. We entertain ourselves so we don’t have to deal with issues. Sadly these are the very issues that affect our life and the future lives of everyone. It would be a breath of fresh air to hear someone actually wanting to stop hiding and start to face reality. I don’t mean reality TV either. No old-fashioned stuff like knuckle down and take care of business before we get that new car or take that next trip. You know, stop with the making up something so we have to deal with it later. Hand shakes meant something at one time in this country, it still does to me, but to most its just a greeting. There is no bond of promise there at all. We use documents which allow us to hire a lawyer to skirt the issue and get us out of being responsible for our actions, our decisions and our bad habits. It is normal for us not to want to suffer the consequences, but it doesn’t stop us from doing the very thing that brings the hammer down on us in the end. We are escapists and we are perfecting it.  We even make up new philosophies so we have good reasons for not doing what we know to be correct. Live on the edge? Unfortunately, it only takes one misstep to put you on the wrong side of that edge and then there is a penalty. No matter how you sugar coat life’s habits, if you play, you have to pay the piper. Earthly truth may be relative, but you can bet it’ going to be their truth and not your truth that hangs you in the end. At least with Gods truth, there is no doubt about where you stand. It’s black and white, there is no grey in his truth and it never changes and it’s always the only line to walk. And you can stand affirmed that he is the one that can grant you forgiveness.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/09/2012.

One Response to “R U Hiding?”

  1. I totally agree with you about the medical/pharmaceutical racket. The ADA virtually created an epidemic of Type II Diabetes overnight simply by lowering the acceptable blood sugar level from 140 to 120. Thousands of people woke up the next morning with a new disease, and nothing in their body had changed. Of course since then diabetes has become a cottage industry, making millions.

    Seems it’s okay to live in a fantasy world as long as “medical science” creates it, the FDA approves it, and someone can make a buck…


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