Why Religion

Why religion, why do we defend our religion? Why have there been and still are many wars fought over religion? Do we ever stop for a moment and think about what it is we are so adamant about? Religion after all is simply an adherence to a bunch of traditions made up and passed down from one generation to another, the only true value they have is personal, and there is no point to argue over as it is left to private interpretation . After all the words you use in prayer or the number of beads you count while reciting a prayer, or how you sit when you chant, only actually means something to the one in the act at the time. So where is there something to fight over. My tradition is better that yours? Kind of like my dick is bigger that yours. Really dumb.

When looked at from an intelligent standpoint one has to assume that God needs no defense, whatever your Gods name may be. Therefore war is unrealistic, to a follower of God. Religion on the other hand requires much to keep its facade up, things  like ego, money and dominance. So then the question Why Religion?

In conclusion I must come away with the observation, that ignorance defends religion, much like ignorance defends politics.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/29/2012.

2 Responses to “Why Religion”

  1. Great insight! So lets stir the pot a little.


  2. Why religion? Because the vast majority of human is not ready for a real relationship with the Living God! They don’t want to think for themselves, and take responsibility for their lives – they want someone to give them all the answers, ready-made. A set of beliefs, a formula that leads to salvation. And thus, the formula must be right, or all is lost!

    Chalk it up to fear and ignorance, and maybe a bit of laziness too.


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