Experience a dream

There stood an old man looking down at his feet, a tear was running down his cheek and there was a sorrowful cry in his depth. I happened by and was puzzled because I could see nothing at his feet, and he appeared to be a well dressed gentleman and in apparently good health. I watch for a long time wondering just what it was he saw, then when I couldn’t stand it any longer I walked up to him and spoke. Sir is there something I can do to help you? He replied no thank you,in response I inquired, what is it that you are so keenly looking at on the ground? His response was, the ashes of my life, but there is nothing there I retorted. To which he pointed and began to explain, look there at the very bottom of the pile, that is where as a little boy I dreamed of being just like my Granddad, A rancher on his farm working the cattle from the back of a horse, overlooking all the property and the men that worked for him, that was my dream. Then in time Granddad sold the farm and finally he died. My dream just evaporated. So then I decided to be just like my Dad, WWII veteran of the marines hard-working mechanic strong man with principles he lived by these became mine I hoped that by following in his foot steeps he would be proud of me. I never heard those words from him he was actually angry with me when I joined the Marine Corps. Then in time he to died, another dream died. It seemed that most everything I did I succeeded at but there was no reward in it. I was an excellent Marine making rank steadily and finding many pats on the back from the officers above me, but I never found fulfillment there either. I stopped him there for a minuet to inquire, was there no good thing that came from any of those experiences? He replied, I can not tell from here. Then he said, do you see the pile there to the right, that is where I left the Marines to become a minister and find faith to fight a different kind of war. I set my sights on knowing God and doing his will in the church, I studied and prayed and experienced all that was to be offered and received my ministers credentials. Here I had great success again and found adulation from many, but still was missing the acceptance I felt I needed from my father speaking of God of course. In time evil began to manifest itself and between church splits, and adulterous pastors, and misuse of church funds, well my dream once again died. Between all the experiences of others failing and all the experience of my own failings I began to see the pile of asses grow and grow, day by day. This poor old man began to sob uncontrollable for a great deal of time, and I didn’t have the heart to interrupt, so I just waited. While I waited I began to search the words of this man to see if in all this pile of ashes there might be a positive point to understand it all and to console the very being of this poor man. My heart ached for him, if to find just a small thread that would weave these ashes back into a life of success and promise to give once again hope and a belief in having dreams to cause us to continue reaching for the next experience. Then as if someone outside myself was talking there came a question. Why do you care? As I pondered this question the voice spoke again, It is because I have given you a different heart, all the experiences you have had were to work together softening the soil of your soul sufficiently so that I could plant a precious seed that would one day grow into a heart that would care about others. Not the heart you were born with but a new heart, a full heart, an appreciative heart. This is something that required all the experiences of failure, and lost dreams and the lack of embrace and acceptance that have come through all your life expressions, Yes look again at the old man can you see yet that it is you. With that I awoke and was made aware of just how wonderful my Father has been to me all these many years. Then I heard the words, I am proud of YOU son.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/13/2012.

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