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I have been considering all the various alternatives to what the Bible has to say about our existence. Though all very interesting all the other concepts though palpable not easily completely proven. Even so not necessarily in conflict with scripture, I still come away feeling that it takes a lot more of believing if you were or shall I call it faith, than it takes to believe what the Bible says. Keep in mind I do not take everything that the Bible says as the word of God as do some. I to take it as a way to live that is not only easier to believe, it also produces, when properly understood a people who are completely full of hope and love and encouragement to others than anything else offered anywhere. The interpretation has been distorted and abused for centuries and more, causing much wrong in the process, the truth with in the binders still offers understanding and hope to all who are desirous to know and seek what is there. That being a personal and precious relationship with God who can solve anything this life brings our way. It is also a road map to preparation toward the world to come, which I do believe is ever-present right here in our midst. So If I believe and trust in God and it causes me to rightly relate to my family my friends and society, while providing me with answers for my life it seems to me to be very foolish to trudge off trying to believe in all the scientific stuff, at least until they no longer discuss it as a theory. As for other expressions of spiritual existence, its astonishing just how close to believing the same thing they are. Point being that there are so many things that have torn down every aspect of religion that it can’t be ignored. The Great Iconoclast is society, fueled by the systems of science and education. This is an opinion which probably needs to be a research paper. At any rate you get my point, which is truly just to get us to think. Which is a wonderful gift is used for others.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/12/2012.

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