Pain and suffering

Has it occurred to anyone else out there that there is a lot of suffering going on around us? Much of the suffering goes without notice, some of us live with suffering in ourselves and in others almost continuously wishing that there was something we could do to be helped, or help someone else. If your like me it breaks your heart to see someone suffer and are constantly looking for ways to ease the hurt and make things a little more acceptable.

There are many thing wich affect how we relate to someone who is going through a tough time not all of them for the good of the person. There are a few things we need to do before we pitch in and place the proverbial cushion under someones ass when they are falling. Relieving the pain for someone is not always the best choice of a fix that can be of true benefit, after all we could be creating a drug dependence that could lead to something far worse. It doesn’t have to a drug that I speak of it can be an action or a response or even your demeanor any of which could be all wrong for the circumstances. Knowing the person and knowing the problem are not all that there is to it. You must know the person for sure but you need to not only know the problem but find the cause of the problem is more important because if you don’t work on fixing the cause you will never heal. It is far to common for people to just try to fix the symptom that way the evidence goes to the background and you don’t have to see there hurt anymore. That I believe is selfish, and true help needs to come from love deep abiding love that wants only what is for your highest good, not just your comfort. We need to want whole happy celebrating life people, not some zombie that we have created with our self loving care.

The next and last thing is that if you want to help someone, don’t offer them something you can’t provide. If for instance you want the person to experience the healing help of God, If you don’t possess the gift or if you’re not interment with the giver (God), you have know business offering such a promise. After all healing like that is only from God so butt out.

It is my opinion that the best thing we can do is only what we are capable of. Love everyone, feel their pain and don’t ignore them, but embrace all of it as a part of your own experience and from it you will discover a heart that you might not have seen since you were a very small child.  There is something very beautiful and strong in the lives of those who suffer look and learn.

Remember in must come from love.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/10/2012.

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