No fear in Death

Do you fear death? Is it the dying process you fear of death itself? It seems so final, the breath leaves, the light goes out and the body return’s to the earth.

This though is not what dying is about, it is the exchange of one dimension for another. Walking from this very constrictive place in our body to a new world where we are no more constricted, where no limits are placed upon us by anyone, where our nature is changed to the place where we have no rejection of our existence, no fighting within just a place where we are at rest in our own strength able to do anything without the need to prove it and no one wanting us to prove it either.

We will be in what I call total functioning in the place we are just as it should be. Then truth there is nothing to fear in death, it might not be easy for others, but for the dying it is a longed for place of rest.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/31/2012.

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