Learned behavior

I hate expression by rote! Rote is what you do or say because you’ve been taught that it’s what your supposed to do. Rote is a practiced form of existence that has taken a lot of work and preparation to accomplish. Rote is essential in a disciplined environment such as scientific study but when you apply it to communications or just living it is plastic at best. When ever I meet someone on the street that continually spouts off biblical verses or sayings in their communication it’s a phony endeavor and a real turn off. Lets try to speak and live from the heart and see if it doesn’t have a positive effect on our relationships, and just because we’re in a social environment where everyone is doing it doesn’t make it real. It’s still phony. We weren’t supposed to be programmed to all be exactly the same, saying the same thing, or doing the same thing. That’s robots not humans, God intends us to have life abundant life full of everything that is naturally flowing and expressing so that when we speak or do something it has the feel of truth and is appreciated by every on. It’s a joy to be around real people even if they have problems, because they share the true person within and not some phony crap they learned somewhere as a pat answer. Truth is when they are alone the go to their rooms and cry for the lack of truth in the association from others and if they are in pain its difficult for them to express it honestly as in most cases there is some one that is giving them another religious answer which they have learned. unfortunately they have no clue how to be tender and truly concerned about the other persons feelings and in most cases the person can’t express their feeling either. So it’s a two-edged sword lose, lose.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/30/2012.

One Response to “Learned behavior”

  1. I think the idea behind having a pat answer is this:
    If you already know the answer, you don’t really have to deal with the question. 😉


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