Solomon said all is vanity. No wonder this man was considered to be so wise. All things, all achievements, all accomplishments yes all things are without substance. No matter how successful a person may be in this life many still destroy there lives with excess trying to fill the void. A person can be the most popular in art, song, or love yet still they continue to search for more of something which they do not have and in most cases don’t understand. We are not fulfilled because there is no substance. All thing we do are but temporal fulfilling for a moment then on to the next greater thing. Like the x games a step up from the normal then ever striving to get more and more extreme. Is there ever anything that is truly full of substance?

The answer to that is yes. However it is the one thing that requires us to surrender our life to, that being the search for the very thing we fear truly exists. God! When we find this personal connection with the divine existence all thing have true substance, and everything is fulfilling.

Seek and you will find!




~ by spiritualhypster on 05/25/2012.

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