The title says it all, everything today seems to be filled with hollow echoes of what use to be life-giving streams of light. Today they are just sounds, jangles gratings on the chalk board. What has happened, where did the life flow go, is there no truth in the world today? It seems that we have all found a scientific or holistic or even a sarcastic solution for every issue there is, but leave out that the solutions are only temporary at best. Has the desire for true help and direction left us? Are we so educated and full of information that we can’t reach past our brain to know there is something greater? Oh if I could only unzip your head and pour in the reality that is all around you and pour out the false concept of human light being an answer. Humanism is and has always been a self centric religious expression, like all religions it falls short of connecting with a living vibrant god. That is just to scary for most. After all he might see the real me, or maybe require something of me. Damn people in such a smart age are so dumb. We never get quiet enough to be aware that there is an unseen world all around us full of help and guidance. It only requires a true, yes I said TRUE desire. Longing for more looking for more willing to pay any price to just brush close to that reality. It is a sad generation that has no real living god. God is not dead, man is! The only way to truly live is by the gift of life give by God. When will we run out of our intellectual explanations which by the way are hollow, and find that place where we can finely live.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/22/2012.

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