Throughout history as well as in present times there are depictions of God as a wrathful God. While it is true that God has a side of him which is capable of being both angry and wrathful I believe the concept is totally blown out of proportion. First off let me just say that God has in fact displayed his wrath not just a few times in history, but that anger is always toward his enemies, not the ones he loves. It is true that God relates to us as his children so it is to be expected that there should be corrections in our life, but never anger or wrath. God is all about love.

So you say how do you explain the destruction of lives in a war, or genocide  throughout history. Well It’s to big for me to explain, but this much I know, men and women make choices and do horrific things while alive and God has in his providence chosen not to interfere with free choice. So pint to man not God in these cases.

So what about natural catastrophes or sicknesses? Again to big for my brain, but again human cause and effect in many cases have a lot to do with it. As to natural causes like flood earthquake etc. These are part of living on this earth and we do not control nature.

I have seen that God chooses to hide in a thick dark cloud as to obscure our vision . Flesh can not look upon God and live so I will take this as a sign of love. Sometimes his voice seems to boom in my chest, but that is rare and usually only when I refuse to pay attention and he is saving me from myself.

Mostly God speaks in a still small voice and if we are not careful we will miss it altogether, but know this, God does speak.

Gods wrath is not to be feared because it is his nature, in the end he will restore all things to himself. This statement is enormous, and if thought about will astound even the best scholars of this life.

God is not wrath, he is love.

It is written that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, this is not the same fear as terror. So is there a wise one among us?

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/21/2012.

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