I recently found myself staring into a crystal clear pool, after marveling at its clarity I began to see an interesting revelation. I was at first startled because there was a reflection of myself, seeing me in a pool wasn’t what startled me though, it was the way my reflection began to change shapes. I continued to look for a very long time and was totally engrossed as I watched what seemed to be at first just a normal though slightly distorted view of me which gradually changed into a very old, old man. Then as I continued, the old man digressed to the point of being a child and then an infant, and then back to normal again. Here the water began to play with distortions of me subtle though affective in revealing some of my very nature. It was as if I was watching my life as I had lived it, from infancy to present and on to an old, old man. In each case it was obviously me so there was no being deceived as to who it was. I was coming face to face with a revelation of who God was not. As it was in a mirror beholding his glory, in contrast to my self. Needless to say it was much more desirable to embrace the contrast, than it is to just depend on myself. I found that a revelation of the living God can not be seen with the naked eye and that it is essential to see God through a glass darkly in the contrast of human darkness. This is because light is only visible when reflected off of a solid or dark object even if just a speck of dust as in my case. Behold I have seen the enemy and it is I.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/14/2012.

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