Being bogged down by the cares of this world is truly depressing. Every aspect of life seems to be permeated with the smell of sorrow and destruction. Trusting in the intellectual paths for a cure doesn’t help at least not permanently. Drugs and alcohol seem to ge the crutch to let people survive. Even then the escape doesn’t work. Somehow there needs to be an awakening. The real help is not by some new scientific process, they always work for a while by the moment you stop using the system everything just goes back the way it was. As long as we strive to solve inner problems with human light and understanding it will only make the solution that much harder to find.

There is a much more freeing way to deal with our problems it is a provision which was given to mankind before the beginning of time. It is called asking the creator for help. It takes a greater light than man could ever have to even distinguish what the problems truly are, we actually only see the symptoms and that is what science try’s to fix. God on the other hand sees the root of the matter, in his wisdom he also knows how to extract the cause of our suffering. We need to understand that, we can’t fix us. We need to understand that we really do need God. There is no issue on earth which is effecting man which can not be remedied. We only need to learn to run to God and get help, or better yet fall in love with God and stay as close as you possibly can. Then you will marvel at how all the issues of life seem to just adjust as you walk before him. All the pain and suffering will find itself moved to a place of peace and healing. We need to let our lives be restored to the place that God intended them to be. To a place where truth is a way to walk, not a subjective concept. We need to learn that who made us can fix us. We may be surprised to find that some of the things others find wrong with us are actually the way it is supposed to be. It just might turn out the judgmental are the ones with the biggest problem. God gave us a gift through which we can have life, and that more abundantly. Just remember that God’s kingdom is not of this world, and neither are we. There is a place in God which gives us a peace that is past all understanding, also an understanding that we can’t survive without peace. Only found in God.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/12/2012.

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