Have you ever noticed that when we read, or hear someone share there thoughts, that we almost always shape it to fit our thoughts and in most cases we try to expand on the thought. It’s almost like we want to show we are actually more qualified to make the statement than the person actually making it. It seems to be human nature in most cases however it is a flaw that will inevitably cause us to miss something that’s truly important for our lives. Let me digress and maybe we can get on the same page.

When we are children we are for the most part innocent, and are willing to learn and accept whatever they are told and because of that they are very teachable. You never here from a child the idea that they know more that you, unless that is what they are taught. As we get older we gain in knowledge then we become less likely to embrace the views of other without adding our two cents.

As an adult, having served in a war, and raising a family etc. I was introduced, to the concept of God for the first time, and I was truly interested. I found someone who I could trust to teach me and became a child all over and he poured in all he could for a number of years. This man never misused his position which I know is rare. Because of it though I was a very teachable person even after many years I would tune into what others said and let my mind and spirit drink in all the information. When we lose the ability to hear others and embrace differences we become reclusive, or worse exclusive. No one is and island and we can all still learn. This ever growing experience will never change unless we close our mind and heart, and our ego and pride take charge, then we see ourselves as infallible at least to a point, now no man can teach me. This is a sad and dangerous place to be because we are locked into our narrow and very dark minds, from which there may be no escape. I will ascend, or achieve , or attain, or for that matter, ” I will anything ” is a serious warning sign that we are on the wrong path. The phrase, I am, is as scary, when you understand there is only on ” I AM “.

This being said let us strive to learn and embrace others, and what they have to offer. In the end we are the ones who will gain. When someone writes something, or a speaker is sharing something don’t prejudge it, you may very well have a greater understanding, but there is always more to learn. Out of the mouth of babe’s.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/02/2012.

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