I hate politics, no matter what environment you’re in there is always a political issue either about government, or just the everyday political ploy to get to the top position in the group. It’s such a bogus activity buy it is viewed as acceptable behavior everywhere you look. One of my real problems with the concept is the dishonesty required to pull off the ploy.

I often wonder am I weird? after all it never occurred to me as a young boy to even think in terms of making a dishonest ploy in order to get acceptance among others. I just didn’t like being around fakes, so I was picky about my friends,and many times alone.

Is this a genetic issue? Or, could it be DNA or maybe Gifts handed down by God through the parents or grandparents. I really don’t know If you do let me know.

I still hate political dishonesty where ever I find it.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/26/2012.

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