Where is the banner? I don’t hear the sound of a trumpet. Is anybody leading this life?

There was a time when God had someone to raise the banner, there was always a steady trumpet sound of faith, hope and love.

I don’t hear it anymore! What happened?

Is all this activity we here about just motion? Is there anyone left hearing God, or evening wanting to know what God might want.

Huston we have a problem! The propulsion is gone and there is no more fuel.

Am I being dramatic? Yes! I am trying to say what our country once had is not to be found in the land. What do you think the problem is?

Did God change? I think not.

The heart of God is not found in any place today. There was always before something going on, you could always tell because the naysayers were everywhere, and lives were being changed.

If we don’t find God in action somewhere pretty soon, then we are in trouble. It’s not words or thoughts and beliefs that cover a nation it is the presence of God.

Like the pillar and cloud that lead Israel the wilderness and kept them from their enemies.

To some this is hocus pocus, I know. But the truth is this country is blessed only if God blesses it.

I am concerned for our nation, I hope there are others, and I hope they truly know how to ask God to Restore the relationship.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/22/2012.

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