What is kindness? Is it when we let others run over us with words? Maybe it’s when we speak and are ignored even by the ones we love, then never saying a word about it. Is it an act, or is it what we say?  Is it all these things and more or is it none of these things. Can one see kindness in someone’s face or eyes? Is it hidden deep within the soul, or the heart of a person? Kindness is something we all appreciate in others, well maybe not all, as there are some that see kindness as a weakness. Was there a time when kindness was expected? Now though we marvel when we see it, like it is a rare jewel found and to be treasured by all. If we regard kindness as such a wonderful part of life, then why aren’t we more kind? When we are confronted by those who take advantage of the kindness of others, then why aren’t we bold enough to put a stop to it? Is it the kind who should be the outcasts or those who would abuse the kind which should be shunned? In history, there seems to be a repeating story of those in the place of power, great or small, who use abuse and exploit anyone that shows them this weakness we call kindness. Is it a weakness? I think not, but then I do see things from a different perspective. You see all the things mankind calls weak or lowly, I find to be the most powerful of all and all that is called strength, is in fact, weakness. A kind person will stop fools from abusing another because they seem week. They hate injustice and will fight with a vengeance to make this matter right. There is an awareness today of some of that; we see that there are and have been tyrants throughout the world being the ignorant bullies of society. There some among us that believe we should put a stop to it. True it is not our country, but then the fellow you went to school with wasn’t your friend either and maybe the guy that stepped in your way to stop bad manners didn’t even know either of you. That is kindness. Kindness loves, period. Kindness feels pain when they see the pain of others. Kindness sacrifices themselves in times when there is no one else with the fortitude in them to help. Kindness is what many of us are not.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/17/2012.

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