Life vs God

It is this mans opinion, that we, generally speaking do not incorporate life and God into the same space and time. Somehow God isn’t involved in our daily lives unless we happen to think about it. Years ago I read a book called Practicing the presence, not sure now who wrote it but, at the time I thought it was helpful. Today many of us use this concept or some other idea of how to keep God in our mind, as to keep him, life and us all working together. It’s a novel idea but can be irritating for others when I am constantly saying the proverbial bless you thank you god, or some other form of verbalization to remind us and others God is.

I have discovered in my wanderings, that you neither have to bring God into life, or life into God. as they are one and the same. All that is necessary is for my benefit, just be aware of God working in your behalf to accomplish his purpose. All else just is. So we can lighten up on bashing the “unbelievers” with all the praise gods. Build it and they will come.

After all he is “I AM that I AM”.

If we must continually go do some spiritual act or practice in order to be spiritual, then we aren’t. If someone is walking in a spiritual relationship with there God, then are part of the one they seek and need no bolstering up. They are secure!

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/11/2012.

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