It once was better here.

One the news today I heard something that disturbed me very much. It shouldn’t but it does. It was said that an athlete from Cuba originally said that he loved Fidel Castro and that he admired him for staying in power all these years. They also reported that he was forced to make a public apology I assume in order to keep playing pro baseball.

Now I understand all the modern arguments about a public figure and all the bit about setting an example to the kids coming up behind him. This is all well and good, or is it?

What happened to the country that stood for individual rights, like free though, free speech, and the freedom to love whoever we choose, and to admire any political leader they want. It’s not undermining the Government for god’s sake he is a ball player.  So where is the freedom really? Being politically correct at any cost? Personal freedom is second to peer pressure, Will we now take freedom from a person who deserves it maybe more than we do. I think he understands the reality of not having it. Let him and everyone else believe what the chose. Right or Wrong in our opinion doesn’t matter any near as much as having the freedom to believe the way we want without fear of retribution.

God help this country where the hell are we headed?

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/10/2012.

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