The man.

Who was this man? Obviously a very special man. Most know the stories in the writings about him, they all tell a story which to many is pure fantasy, but to me these words hold a key in the revelation of Gods intention for mankind. If we just pay careful attention to everything surrounding this man we will encounter a new revelation to our soul, and our spirit will begin to live and grow in a way that nothing else can come close to. This is something that once experienced it will eclipse any other experience in life. Who this man was/is, can be read about, heard about, thought about, prayed about and in so many ways experienced vicariously through the telling of others, but this experience was meant to be experienced by you and me, first hand.

We have heard that he will heal the broken-hearted, but it only becomes your truth when you have your heart healed by him. Then no one can convince you that it’s not real.

We have heard that he can heal the sick, but unless you are the one he heals, it’s all vicarious, which is not an experience but something that you’ve heard or perhaps seen, when others were healed, but even then you wonder. I it real?

We have heard that he has feed the multitude, but until he provides your bread and water when there is no other way for you to get food, you can’t know that. It is available in him.

I could go on and on reciting many things which can be read about, or that have been my experience, but until it’s your experience it means nothing to anyone else.

Except that there is something that is more, real, living, and fulfilling than you may have experienced yet.

This man  can and will reveal realities to men and women that we need, and it will help us point the way for others.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/01/2012.

One Response to “The man.”

  1. Well said. God is meant to be experienced as a living reality – as the Sufi’s refer to him as “The Friend.”


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