Gen next!

They say patience is a virtue, it is unfortunate that I do not possess this virtue, particularly as I grow older. I find I really have very little patience for others of the human race, puppies, kittens and the like though I find much more tolerable. Is it the fact that I am getting older, or is it that I find being around people is getting old? I don’t truly know but, but I do wish I could find a bit more patience for the poor ignorant self-absorbed people who my generation has spawned. The Boomer Generation has truly ruined a complete generation of children. Totally spoiled can’t go another second with a little discomfort or inconvenience. Doctors even had to make up new illnesses to define all the neuroses out there. We have made excuses for our children’s, behavior and coddled them to death with the idea that someone else is responsible to make sure they are not disquieted. It’s not their fault, It’s all resting on the parents. We were too lazy to get involved with the bad Government, there misuse of finance and we taught ourselves to be just like the thing we hate. Then to make it worse we have not taken the responsibility given us to train up a child in the way to go. So now they are going every wich way and we have no reference to help them when they get into trouble, so we just farm them off to a government accredited facility, or worse the court system puts them into places approved for such things. In the end we have a generation of children that are abandoned to their own devices, and only a few actually find the help they need. We on the other hand never got the guidance we needed or none of this would have happened. Is there someone to blame? Usually but who I can not tell. One thing I do know Is that if we don’t find the right answers for the upcoming generation, I shudder to think what the end of them will be. I to am a baby boomer.

Please do your part.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/24/2012.

2 Responses to “Gen next!”

  1. Thank you for your comment. It’s not about blame it’s about awareness. You are kind, thanks again.


  2. There comes a time when what your parents or their parents did or did not do is just old history. Self-responsibility and learning to nurture yourself is the foundation. Less blame and more supporting- if only I knew the answers. Keep looking maybe you will lead the way.


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