What now?

Where do I go from here? I’ve done everything I was supposed to, studied hard, pray with all my heart, read the writings of others, and I am faithful in all my works at the church. So what now, what more can I do? I want more, and nobody seems to know what I’m talking about, but I want more. What I have accomplished up to now was a wonderful experience but it hasn’t given me anything that I couldn’t have gotten by choosing another path. I want more.

I know there is more and somewhere out there, there is somebody who knows, somebody that can help, encourage and instruct. I just know it. Where are they and how can I find them, is there anyone our there? My heart is so needy, my mind is full of stuff, but my spirit is longing for something that I can not define. I just know it’s there.

I will seek out the advice of a monk.

no I will seek out a priest or a minister.

maybe a rabbi.

There are so many differing ways out there where do i start.


God, Has provided a teacher. The very spirit of God will breath on you the gift of life, and of learning, and of love.

He has already placed within you everything you need to know him.

Just get quiet and learn to listen then test what you hear when its correct remember the voice.

Then when you have learned to trust the guide.

Just follow, and obey.

All else will manifest in time, as we can only handle a small amount of information at a time, as it stirs our heart and the emotions are limited.

Look, Listen, Love, and Follow.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/20/2012.

4 Responses to “What now?”

  1. You said it all, brother. Well done!


  2. Agreed. Which is why I create meaning for myself, if I seek someone out, it is because my own wisdom has deemed it necessary. For me, I accept no gods or masters but instead strive to be the master and creator of my own destiny. To be your own hero is the mark of an evolved person


  3. Most are to lazy. They want it handed to them.


  4. Perhaps one could seek out their own counsel inside of themselves before they seek elsewhere. You have questions in your heart but the answers are there as well. They are to be found in the inner road that you walk.


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