Every day in my life I find some new aspect, that just thrills me. It’s as if a fresh rose has just bloomed, or maybe while on a walk in the forest I spot an orchid blooming all by its self in a tree almost out of sight. Is life-like that for you?

Appreciation for life is something that each of us can have, It’s just your perspective one moment at a time. We have the gift of choice, we can at any moment chose how we will see things, or how we will respond to things. Either we will find new exciting aspects of life, or we will choose to be bored with what we se as the old mundane ones. Which is more rewarding? Our minds are designed to take in and learn, they are awake to new, and long to grow in stages that will cause us to be more and more in tune with life, we shut them down by our choosing to look at life as a wasteland of dearth and despair. It really is a choice, though sometimes if we have been continually in the negative it takes something or someone to aid us in seeing the wonderful part of life. Sometimes it is easier to see gloom and doom, but it’s truly worth it to look and find the portal of seeing life, and excitement in it.

Give it a try you have nothing to lose but darkness.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/19/2012.

One Response to “Wonder”

  1. “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Socrates


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